3 BIG Reasons You Need To Know A Custom Wood Machining Shop When Building A Dome Home

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Dome houses are an easy way to create a home that is unique, efficient, and attractive. However, building a dome home is also a construction project that involves some special consideration, planning, and tools. If you are planning to be the hands-on homeowner who does a lot of work on the home yourself, you will have to work with specific industry professionals for specific parts of the process, especially when it comes to obtaining the wood. Here are a handful of reasons why one of those industry professionals will have to be a custom wood machine shop.  Curved walls will mean curved and contoured wood pieces.  At most places, lumber is naturally just going to be straight cuts. But straight cuts will not fit well with the interior curvature of a dome home. Therefore, you will need a wood machinist who can supply you with the curved and contoured lumber pieces you need for specific parts of the project. For example, if you plan to have wooden trim or molding, these pieces will have to be specially routed and trimmed to fit the inner contours of the walls.  Your kitchen may need custom cabinetry.  Depending on the floor plan of your dome home, your kitchen could potentially lie on an outer wall. Some dome home owners actually plan the floor plan in such a way that the cabinetry lies on an inner wall, which can be straight. However, if you want to have curved cabinetry which hugs the exterior wall, you will need a custom wood machining shop to cut the cabinetry for you because the back of the cabinetry must conform to the curvature. The machinist will use the dimensions of your home and take measurements to ensure an absolute perfect fitted set of cabinetry. Creating a unique stairwell will be easy with the aid of a custom wood machinist. In dome homes, the stairway is often the focal point of the house because it is center-situated to lead up to the upper levels of the home. A custom wood machinist can work with you to come up with a stairway design which is unique to your home through a careful design process involving your personal tastes and preferences. Spiraled or curved stairs, elaborate balusters, and even artistically carved rails are all examples of things a custom wood machinist like A2ZFX can accomplish when creating a stairway for your...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore The Boiler Repairs Your Factory Boiler Needs

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Industrial boilers exist to keep factories warm in very cold regions and to keep certain chemicals and materials from becoming unusable. When you notice that your industrial boiler has some problems and needs to be repaired, you should not ignore these problems, no matter how trivial they might seem. Here are some major issues that develop from minor boiler problems, and why you should not ignore your boiler’s repair needs. Fuel Mixing and Improper Purging When your boiler is clearly mixing its fuel types and there is no proper purging of oil or gas, you are setting the stage for a major explosion. The first thing the boiler repair technician needs to do in this case is purge all of the fuels properly and then flush the boiler so that the fuel mixing stops. Then the technician will restart the flow of fuel(s) and then restart the furnace. When the oil line is blocked, then these steps will eliminate these problems and get your boiler safely back on track. Hot Water Rising into the Steam Drum and Causing Elevated Temperatures Even though hot water rising into the steam drum may look like something harmless right now, your industrial boiler cannot stand this constant push beyond its safety limits. Elevated temperatures in the boiler can cause it to overheat and explode, sending scalding hot steam and sprays of boiling hot water everywhere. If that is not motivating enough to get repairs completed quickly, consider this–a downed boiler means that dozens of other tanks and machines in your factory are in danger of becoming too cold to function. Overfiring Overfiring is the result of a trip circuit that thinks there is not enough heat to do what you are asking the boiler to do. Constant firing or rapid firing causes the boiler’s ignition switch and trip circuit to give out. You do not want that to happen any more than you want your boiler to keep overfiring because the repairs and replacement parts can be quite costly, depending on the damage that results. If you hear your industrial boiler constantly tripping and heating, do not ignore this as “normal” behavior for a boiler, even if the temperatures outside the factory are below zero. (This problem will, undoubtedly, be more noticeable when the temperatures outside are in the eighties, nineties and above because you would not expect your boiler to be overfiring in temperatures that hot.) Get it looked at right away, such as by Schweitzer Roger & Sons, so that the only costs you have to worry about are replacement parts (when applicable) and the repair technician’s...

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