Lift You High, Higher, Highest: Three Warehouse Lifts That Help You Reach Your Theater’s Rafters

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Working in a theater, you spend a lot of time on set up, stage building, lighting and sound direction. If a show also has some special effects, then you have to rig up the effects too. That means reaching up high, higher and highest of all to get to the ramparts, catwalks and light hangers up above. If your theater does not own any of these already, here are three warehouse lifts (click here for more info) that can make your stagehand job so much easier. Skid Steer with a Forklift Attachment A skid steer with a forklift attachment can help you reach several feet over your own head, and it can fit on the stage with little difficulty. If your theater cannot afford this piece of equipment, you are in luck. It can be rented from most construction rental stores or from hardware stores that rent large pieces of equipment and machinery.   Vertical Hydraulic Lifts These lifts have a single platform with a control panel. The controls activate the hydraulic system that can lift you anywhere from two to four times higher than your forklift option (depending on the size of vertical lift). They are more compact than the skid steer and forklift, but they are much more expensive and usually cannot be rented. The height abilities of some vertical hydraulic lifts could allow you to make adjustments to the theater’s sound system and lower light hangers. With the vertical hydraulic lifts that can reach much higher up, you may even be able to move from lift to lower catwalk, depending on how your theater’s stage is constructed. Scissors Lifts A scissors lift is named for the scissors action in the criss-cross support bars underneath the platform. As the platform is lifted and lowered. these bars fold and unfold like an opening and closing scissors. The large platform on a scissors lift will allow you to carry lots of heavy theatrical lamps, fog machines, cords and equipment into the upper reaches of the stage’s ceiling. Some of the best scissors lifts can hoist you and your theatrical equipment a few feet more beyond that of a vertical hydraulic lift, and the scissors lifts are often more easily maneuverable than the vertical hydraulic lifts. Overall, if your theater could only afford to purchase a single piece of warehouse equipment to make stage work easier, safer and faster, then the scissors lift would probably be ideal. It lifts the highest, carries the most stuff on the platform, can be driven like a forklift and be stored in less space than it takes to store a stack of auditorium...

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How To Encourage Your Employees To Recycle In Your Manufacturing Plant

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Many offices are putting a focus on recycling nowadays, but a manufacturing plant — which often has more employees than your average office — can actually have even more of an impact on the environment. Encouraging your employees to recycle can be a positive step to take, but you might be unsure of how to start. Luckily, following these tips can help. Change Your Policies First of all, you should take a look around and determine if there are any changes that you can make to the way that things are done in regards to manufacturing. For example, taking steps to recycle wasted metal can have a big impact on the environment, but it can have another added benefit as well — getting your employees to think about recycling and showing them that your company is serious about reducing waste. This can help encourage employees to look at other ways that they can do the same thing. Make Recycling Easy The easier it is for your employees to recycle, the more likely they will be to do it. Place recycling cans for metal, paper and plastics in every area where there is a garbage can. In addition to having garbage dumpsters on-site, have large outdoor recycling containers where recycled items can be stored until they are picked up. Check out a site like to get in touch with a company that offers dumpster rental services. Track Progress Some people don’t realize just how much of a personal impact they can have on the environment by recycling. However, if you are able to keep track of how much recycling increases once new recycling containers are placed throughout the factory, you can prove to your employees just how much of a difference it makes when a focus is put on recycling. You can provide this information to your employees each month. Once they see that others are participating and that it’s truly adding up, they may be more inclined to participate as well. You may even want to consider offering some sort of incentive, such as by providing a free catered lunch for your employees if they achieve a certain recycling goal. Cutting down on waste in your factory can have a big difference when it comes to your company’s impact on the environment. Consider following these tips to encourage your employees to begin recycling, and you’re sure to see an...

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