Hard chrome plating is a solution for reclamation. It can be used for corrosion resistance, erosion, dimensional reclamation and wear. Thermal spraying is another option. Here they are compared:


Thermal spraying is generally expected to be more expensive than chrome plating. Chrome plating, on the other hand, has been around the industry for a while and this has allowed costs to go down over time. It also costs more capital to build the facility for thermal spraying. The space needed for chrome plating is slightly larger for chrome plating though. The energy cost of thermal spraying is higher.


Because thermal spraying is so new, it is often difficult to find the equipment or materials to perform it. However, chrome plating does not experience this issue.

Disposing of Waste

Excess byproduct are left behind from thermal spraying. There is hazardous dust and waste that needs special permits to dispose of to meet regulations. Chrome plating disposal must also meet regulations, but its materials do not vaporize. Instead, chrome can be recycled and used for a number of other exciting applications in the future.


Chromium (chrome plating) is diverse. It can be melded into a variety of shapes and used for different industries. This is also true for thermal spray, which is very adaptable. 


Because hard chrome plating goes through so many quality checks on its way to being approved for use, it is highly durable and reliable. Thermal spray is made of chemicals that do not always hold as long as chrome plating. It may be quicker to produce thermal spray but the durability is not as good as chrome.

Industry Acceptance

Many customers of yours might not be familiar with thermal spraying. This could lead them to be wary of the materials used and the reliability of it. If you want to play it safe, it might be better to stick with hard chrome plating. It has been the industry standard for reclamation for years, and there is a reason why — it does the job exactly as it needs to.

Choosing what material to use for your reclamation project can be a difficult task. However, you don’t need to be overwhelmed with the choice between hard chrome plating and thermal spraying. Thermal spraying offers some initial time benefits, but it appears that hard chrome plating is the choice if durability and industry reputation matter to you.