If you need to measure a selection of product, samples, or dried compounds using a top loading balance, take care to be certain that you are doing it correctly. If you don’t use the top loading balance correctly, you risk not getting the correct weight and having the products that you manufacture or the tests that you run not being up to exact standards. Here are some tips for making sure that you are using the balance correctly.

1. Make Sure That the Balance is Zeroing Correctly

Your first step is to be sure that the balance is zeroing correctly. To check this, you need to hit the rebalance button on the scale when there is nothing on the top of it. If the scale goes to zero without issue, then it is working correctly. If you have to hit the button a few times or if the scale never goes to zero, then you are not going to be able to get an accurate weight. You will then have to switch to a different balance.

2. Add the Container

Next, add the container. Make the container as small as possible for the amount of goods that you need to balance in order to decrease the chances of you overwhelming the scale. For very small amounts of powder, a piece of paper is better than a container because the piece of paper can be used to simply brush the powder wherever it needs to go, as opposed to a container where you might measure something out and have some of the compound sticking to the sides. If you choose to use a sheet of paper, fold it once horizontally and vertically down the center to decrease the chances that your compound will spill out.

3. Zero the Balance

Once the container is on the balance, zero it. You don’t want the container’s weight included in the weighing of your goods and zeroing the balance will get rid of that extra amount. This will allow you to get a very accurate reading.

4. Clean Up

Every time you use the scale, make sure that you brush it off when you are done using a light touch in order to make sure that there is no leftover compound or other particles that might have gotten onto the scale. This will allow you to ensure accuracy for the next user.

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