It was not so very long ago when abrasive blasting was simply known as sandblasting, as if the only choice of blasting medium was sand. Experimentation has shown that your choice of blasting medium can have an important impact on the results of your blasting job. For example, if you use sand to blast away paint coating a delicate instrument, the sand can pit the material the instrument is made from or otherwise damage it. Thus, you need to stock several different mediums to ensure you remove the paint that needs to be removed without damaging the object you are trying to reclaim. 

Walnut Shells

It might sound like a gimmick, but walnut shells have a place in your repair shop. If you use a highly abrasive blasting medium, you will strip away all of the coats of paint on an object. This then requires you to replace not only the topcoat but also the underlying coats. These undercoats can be just as expensive as the topcoat, and unlike the topcoat, they might not be in need of replacement. Using walnut shells, you can blast away the topcoat without damaging the undercoats. This will save you time and money in that you only have to apply a topcoat to get whatever object you are repairing back into its ideal condition. 

Choosing Your Medium According to Your Purpose

While blasting is an excellent way to strip away rust, damaged paint, stains, and other damage to an object that you are trying to restore, not every job requires stripping an item. In some cases, all you need to do is clean up an object. For example, if you have stuck-on grime such as tar or resins that you can’t remove with a pressure washer, you should be able to blast away the grime with the right blasting media. While abrasives such as aluminum oxide are ideal for your stripping tasks, they would be the wrong choice for cleaning. Instead, you should consider a softer medium such as corn cob

Companies that manufacturer blasting abrasives are always experimenting with new materials that can be used to accomplish different tasks. Not only does this increase the demand for their blasting equipment, but it allows you to use your equipment in new ways. If you are in the business of making old, dirty, or otherwise damaged equipment look new, then a good stock of blasting abrasives is just what you need to expand your ability to take on new jobs. 

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