Concrete has become quite a hot trend in the past few years. In fact, a random Google search of the word “concrete’ can get you approximately 364 million hits and counting. At a cost of between $3.25 and $5.25 and with the flexibility to be used in a variety of ways, concrete can be incorporated in almost any project or event that you are planning – including your wedding. Of course, it can be used in the flooring, walls and ceilings as well tabletops, garden pathways and furniture to help give your wedding that rustic feel. However, concrete has so much more potential in the ways that it can be used both before and during your celebration.

So, if you are among the 2.3 million couples who are expected to tie the knot this year and you are looking for some unique accents to make your wedding extra special, here are a few concrete ideas for you. 

You are invited

Consider for a moment the possibility of concrete invitations. While this idea is a bit unusual, it can be done as either a DIY project to custom make your invitations or you might be able to find a wedding invitation designer who is game enough to assist you. Whichever you choose, you should ensure that they are ready at least 10 to 12 weeks before the wedding. To get this done, you will need letterpress plates to create the molds which will be used to imprint each concrete invitation. 

Since they are breakable, invitations to those who are far away may need to be bubble wrapped and express delivered. The others might probably be best hand delivered to ensure their safety.

With this ring

While most people will want to go with the traditional gold, silver and diamonds, an option that is available is that of steel and concrete rings. While this is probably a good idea for the groom, the agreeable bride can also have her wedding bands made from these materials. The imagery and meaning behind a concrete wedding band is also powerful symbolically as concrete gets stronger over time and can be used to indicate the strength of the marital union.

The designs themselves are only limited by the desires of the bride and groom and can range from fingerprint to filigree designs. A custom-made concrete wedding band can cost approximately $40 to $49 and can be appropriately brought to the altar on a concrete ring dish instead of the traditional pillow. Contact a company like Hi-Grade Materials Co for more information.