When you’re an artist that wants to create a different dynamic with a gallery exhibit, you may want to look to custom metal fabrication. With infinite design capabilities, custom steel and sheet metal fabricators can bring more to your show than just industrial strength and a sturdy presentation. Custom fabrication can allow you to make a big impact on your audience, because you can create novel and interesting ways to display work using your own designs and creations. So if you’re looking for something different to lend to your exhibition, here’s why you need to bring custom metal fabrication into the mix.

Extraordinary Basics

Start with extraordinary basics, like customized center tables and display stands that can make a real difference in how your work is presented to the public. Basic pedestals and tables can become extraordinary foundations for display when they are fabricated to reflect the design of your art. For sophisticated and complicated sculpture, consider what simplicity and beauty a modern display table can bring, which you can design to mimic a certain aesthetic. Display tables and pedestals that have been fabricated from customized designs offer a great complement to artistic work that could be enhanced by using a detailed backdrop.

The way your work is displayed plays an impacting part on impressing the public, so using supportive basics that are fabricated from metals, woods, and even acrylic components can bring more to your show than something that’s mass-produced.

Unlimited Potential

Beyond structural fabrication of items that will support  or display your artwork, you may want to consider working with a custom metal fabricator to bring a specific design to life. Pattern artists, painters, sculptors, and designers can all utilize the skills and tools of a custom fabricator to bring a dream to life. Think outside the box and consider adding a piece to your show that you’ve designed with a metal fabricator. Artistic works like designer furniture, free-standing walls, or large-scale sculptures can all be created from simple sketches or even cardboard prototypes.

Metal fabricators not only have the experience working with materials that you may be unfamiliar with, but they can optimize even simple designs using computerized scaling to find out how to make your design larger than life. If you don’t have the tools, skills, or investment money needed to design a piece yourself, you can work with a metal fabricator, such as Simko Industrial Fabricators, to make it happen. Many fabricators also have experience working with a broad clientele, including artists and curators, so they can often give you ideas of what will work best under budgetary, spatial, or design constraints.