Industrial pallet racking is a vital component in any warehouse setting, making it possible for you to keep product stored up off the ground and utilize every square inch of the ceiling height that is available. Even though pallet racking may be a must in your warehouse, having this structure in place means that you will have to be a bit more persistent about keeping employees safe when they are working around it. Part of keeping employees safe when working around pallet racking is keeping the steel beams and grates as visible as possible. This can be accomplished by following a simple ABC rule set for keeping pallet racking as visible as possible. 

Add reflective tape in low-lit areas. 

In areas where there is not as much lighting available, dark-painted pallet racking can be more difficult to see, which may lead to employees accidentally bumping into the racks. Use highly reflective tape in these low-lit areas to make sure the racking is easier to see. If necessary, you can also paint the racking in a brighter neon color, such as yellow, orange, or green so that it will be better visible. 

Be sure to make use of caution signs and stickers. 

If you have pallets on the floor beneath pallet racking, it will not be uncommon for employees to be bending and reaching under to retrieve items. Unfortunately, when they come up from a bent position, they could forget or not see the upper racks and bump their heads. Make sure the lowest levels of your pallet racking system are the most visible of all for this very reason. Attach warning stickers that clearly remind employees to watch out for head bumps and stay cautious of the lowest racks. 

Carefully keep pallet racking away from sharp corners. 

Pallet racking should never be situated in an area where it would create an unexpected hazard, such as around corners where visibility is low. If you have no other choice but to install an area of pallet racking that stands at the intersection of a sharp turn, install large mirrors at eye level so employees on foot or driving lift trucks will be able to see that the pallet racking is just around the corner. Even if employees are familiar with the layout of your warehouse and where the pallet racking is situated, it is easy to have a lapse in judgment when coming around corners. 

For more information about using pallet racking in your warehouse, contact a local supplier like Commercial Hardware