Undertaking a large home renovation project can be overwhelming, but finding the right approach to cleaning up can be equally stressful. Thorough planning can make the process less daunting and help finish your project faster.

Develop A Strategy

Before you start any remodeling project, you should consider what old items can be recycled or donated. Not only will this reduce the amount of debris you have to throw away, but it can help the environment or people in need. For example, you may have an extensive renovation of your bathroom and kitchen, which includes replacing major items, such as sinks, fixtures, and appliances. If these items are still of acceptable quality, you may find agencies that will take them to help low-income individuals who cannot afford to remodel their homes.

However, if these items are unusable, there may be metal or other components that can be salvaged. What you receive in return for donating or recycling these items depends on the agency you contact. In many cases, your efforts can turn into a tax deduction, but you may also receive cash or a credit on your sanitation bill.

Choose Dumpsters Logically

If you have a large-scale project, you likely want a dumpster that can accommodate large quantities of debris. However, you need to consider how easy it is to fill the container before you choose a dumpster. In the long run, it is easier to have several smaller dumpsters that are short in height than a single tall dumpster. Not only is it easier to toss debris into a three or four foot dumpster, but you also reduce your chances of back and shoulder injuries.

Having multiple small dumpsters also makes it easier to rotate dumpsters as needed. Instead of waiting until the end of your project before having the dumpster picked up or emptied, you can rotate your debris between several smaller dumpsters. This allows you to always have a dumpster available, even if one needs to be emptied.

Consider Alternatives

Dumpster bags may be an easier solution than a traditional dumpster rental. Depending on the company that will pick up the bag, you can typically purchase or rent them directly from the company or they may be available at retail stores. This allows you an open-ended option to your renovation project. Many renovations take longer than expected and it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when you will need your dumpster picked up or emptied. Dumpster bags take much of the guesswork out of scheduling. You simply fill up the bag on your own schedule and call to have it removed. It is also space-saving because it can be folded up and stored before it is used and it is also more malleable than a traditional dumpster as you fill it with debris.

Before you delve into your next home renovation project, take the time to plan your cleanup strategy. Making the cleanup process of your next home renovation project easier will help make the entire renovation go by faster.