If you are serious about woodworking and do it regularly, you probably have a workshop full of tools. Routers, saws, sanders, hand tools, and just about everything in between. You can create just about anything that you can imagine. If your woodworking hobby goes past just a hobby and into something that you do daily, you might also want to get a CNC router. 

What Is a CNC Router?

CNC stands for computer numerical control. What this means is that the router is programmed to work on its own. You program it, and the router does the work that you told it to. These days computers are part of the process. That allows you to use computer aided design programs to draw out what you want and program the router. Once you have activated the programming, the router will start working with the wood to create your design. 

What Does a CNC Router Do?

A CNC router basically does everything that a router can do, and a little more besides. You can use it to cut out the wood that is being worked. It will be able to cut any direction you need, as well as any shape necessary. That means if you have something that is a very irregular shape, the CNC router will have no problem cutting it out. As long as it can be designed and programmed into the router, it can be made. You aren’t stuck with just solid designs either. The router can also cut designs into the piece it just cut out. You can end up with some very intricate patterns. The router will also drill any holes into the pieces so that you can put everything together. Depending on what your overall design looks, the router may do almost all of the work for you. 

Why Should You Use a CNC Router?

One reason is that the router can reduce waste. Since it’s controlled by a computer, it can make cuts closer together than you can if you were to do them by hand. The machine also never makes mistakes. Even the best woodworker can sometimes slip and make a cut they didn’t want to, or cut too deeply or too closely to the edge. When that happens, it’s a waste of your material. Some woods are very expensive, like mahogany or rosewood, so you don’t want to do anything that would waste that wood. 

A CNC router will let you take your woodworking hobby further. You can create all kinds of things that you never thought you would be able to before. Consult a local equipment stores for new or used CNC routers.