There’s nothing that will turn off consumers to a business faster than the lights going out during a storm. Even if the business doesn’t open its doors to consumers directly, customers will still be turned off by the delays the outrage causes. Fortunately, there are new generator technologies coming out that allow you to keep your business running on the cheap even when the external power is down.

New Cheap Fuel Cell Generator

According to Technology Review, there’s a new fuel-cell coming out that is versatile in terms of what you can use to power it. You can use diesel, propane or natural gas, and the goal of the new technology is to actually be more efficient than what you’d get while you were on the grid.

So, not only could you use a generator like this to create electricity during a storm outage, but you could do so with just as much, if not more, efficiency than when the power is on. This means that you wouldn’t lose any money due to an outage.

It would also mean that you could choose which fuel you wanted, and that the amount you could safely store would last much longer during emergencies.

The reason for the change in efficiency is because the new technology doesn’t generate electricity through combustion, which is the normal approach. Instead, it uses an electrochemical reaction to generate the electricity in a way that is likely to make less noise and create less pollution than traditional gas generators.

Light/Heat Electricity Generator

According to an article at Physics World, new technology is allowing businesses to generate energy directly from any heat or light source. This is called a “thermionic generator,” and there’s a brand new one coming out.

While the technology has existed before, this new break-through makes the conversion four times more efficient than previous generators. Any area that produces a lot of heat or light can use one of these generators to efficiently create electricity. This could include collecting waste heat from more traditional generators, or even more efficiently collecting solar energy for later use.

It’s important to get a generator in place in your building well ahead of power outage season in the winter, but, fortunately, these new technologies can make this process easier and cheaper than you might think. The important thing is to try to get generators that make you less dependent on the random fluctuations of gas prices. For more information about generators, contact a company like Power Performance Industries.