You can make a little money on the side if you get into the habit of recycling your used aluminum soda cans. Recycling the cans will also contribute to the environment because they can be used for other products instead of sitting around producing greenhouse gases. In this article, you will discover how aluminum soda cans contribute to greenhouse gases and how much the cans are worth.

How Do Aluminum Soda Cans Contribute to Greenhouse Gases?

Aluminum soda cans are able to contribute to greenhouse gases because heat from the sun can reflect off of the metal and cause global warming. As the heat reflects off of the metal, the gases are sent into space and radiation is produced. Greenhouse gases can remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years causing harm to the environment.

If the climate is not kept under control, it can become difficult to produce enough food for people to survive. The excessive heat from greenhouse gases can cause droughts that will interfere with how well crops are able to grow. Greenhouse gases can also cause harm to marine life, weather and bodies of water. Metal recycling is the best way to help in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

How Much are Aluminum Soda Cans Worth?

The value of aluminum soda cans can fluctuate on a regular basis, so there is no set price at any given time. However, you are likely to receive an average of up to $0.28 per 0.55 lbs. for each of the cans taken to a metal recycling center. The amount compensated can add up nicely if you drink a lot of soda and have accumulated a large quantity of cans.

Before taking your cans to a recycling center (such as Pure Metal Recycling), make sure they are cleaned first. Each recycling center will have their own guidelines, but many of them want clean cans that have not been crushed. The cans will be placed on a machine to be weighed for payment. You should receive cash or a check on the same day.

Never leave aluminum soda cans sitting around in the yard or a trash can. Gather up all of your cans and take them to a metal recycling center so you can add a little money to your wallet. Contribute to preventing global warming by making sure your aluminum soda cans are recycled and used for other products instead of causing harm to the economy!